Social Distancing Done Right

Old Town Books continues to work toward adapting to the COVID-19 quarantine days of Spring 2020. Like all of you, we have established a new normal, but everyday we long for the “old normal” when we got to see all of you happily browsing books and children playing around the castle!

A significant number of people have taken advantage of our new services. Customers call, email, or Facebook message their book orders, or they utilize our web site’s online shopping opportunity. In any case, it is still our greatest delight to help customers find the books that they want; each of us on the OTB team enjoys teleshopping, when we get the chance, wandering around the bookstore suggesting good reads for our customers! We have also enjoyed being able to help both local and out of town customers who choose to utilize our book shipping service.

None of us chose this time of quarantine, of distancing ourselves from each other, and we have all had to meet the challenges of a transformed pattern of living. At Old Town Books, we believe in the power of stories to “save” us in all sorts of ways. Stories remind us who we are, what we value, who we love, and they remind us of the incredible strength of the human spirit—that strength that each of us has utilized to deal with our altered lifestyles. We hope that you can take advantage of this time of forced isolation to enjoy reading, and we hope that books can bring you solace in these difficult times.

—Mary Ellen