September at Old Town Books

As we approach a large run of holiday themed displays (Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), we asked our staff to think a little more outside the box on what would make for a new display section in the store—and our staff delivered! Staff members Peggy and Autumn have curated a wonderful selection of books for both children and adults all about food, cuisine, culinary arts, and more! You will find fiction and non-fiction releases on this table and may find a great food related read you’ve never heard of! This table is still expanding, so if you come in and think of a wonderful food book that could be added to our display, please let us know! You can find lists of all available selections below. Come check them out today!

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (Friday, September 15th through Sunday, October 15th) with us at OTB! Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the culture and traditions of American citizens whose ancestors hail from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. We have curated a wonderful collection of books for both adult and children’s audiences that highlight the voices and experiences of these Hispanic authors. View all available titles below. 

Adult Culinary Reads and Gifts

  1. Ina Garten Modern Comfort Food
  2. Zero Proof: 90 Non-Alcoholic Recipes for Mindful Drinking
  3. 101 Greatest Soups on the Planet
  4. Snacks for Dinner
  5. Honey: 50 Tried and True Recipes
  6. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Super Easy!
  7. The Cookie Bible
  8. Family Cookbook Recipe Journal
  9. Legends & Lattes
  10. Eating Animals
  11. Animal, Vegetables, Miracle
  12. How to be a Conscious Eater
  13. The Joy Luck Club
  14. All the Devils and Are Here
  15. Other Birds
  16. The Golden Spoon
  17. Lessons in Chemistry
  18. Mad Honey
  19. Glorious Beef
  20. Hello Beautiful
  21. Like Water for Chocolate
  22. Under the Whispering Door
  23. Cavallini food themed puzzles, aprons, tea towels, and tote bags

Children Culinary Reads

  1. Bake, Make, and Learn to Cook
  2. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs
  3. The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs
  4. Ghost Book
  5. Libby Loves Science: Mix and Measure
  6. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  7. The Stinky Cheese Man
  8. Green Eggs and Ham
  9. The Sour Grape
  10. The Good Egg
  11. The Cool Bean
  12. The Smart Cookie
  13. The Bad Seed
  14. The Bread Pet
  15. Escargot
  16. Pancakes for Breakfast
  17. Are You a Cheeseburger?
  18. Blueberries for Sal
  19. The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog
  20. I Really Like Slop!
  21. Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch
  22. The Berenstain Bears Go Out to Eat
  23. The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food!

Adult Hispanic Heritage Month Reads

  1. Valley of Shadows
  2. Good Night, Irene
  3. The Wind Knows My Name
  4. The House of Spirits
  5. How to Love a Country: Poems
  6. Solito
  7. American Dirt
  8. Love in the Time of Cholera
  9. The House on Mango Street
  10. Like Water for Chocolate
  11. Mexican Gothic
  12. I Am Not Your Mexican Daughter
  13. Next Year in Havana
  14. Pablo Neruda’s Book of Questions

Children’s Hispanic Heritage Month Reads

  1. Mexikid
  2. Miss Quinces
  3. Buenas Noches, Perrito Bueno
  4. Buena Noches, Murcielago
  5. Donde Viven Lost Monstruos