Our Patio and $5 Tables

We are so excited to open our beautiful and serene patio to the public! Come find a great book and then come sit and relax by the fountain. We have music playing to accompany the babble of the fountain, and we now feature ice-cold lemonade on Saturdays. We always have our $5 tables on the patio too–both with adult and children selections. A full list of titles can be found below:


Adult Selections (hardcover unless noted *)

  1. Libertie
  2. Forever Young
  3. Matrix
  4. The Smash-Up
  5. Talk to Me
  6. This Little Light
  7. Songs in Ursa Major
  8. Four Hundred Souls
  9. The Sweetness of Water
  10. On the House
  11. We Are Not Like Them
  12. The Newcomer
  13. Still Life
  14. The Jealous Kind*
  15. Heads You Win*
  16. Race Against Time*
  17. Hark*
  18. Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything*
  19. The Summer of Lost and Found*
  20. She Would Be King*
  21. Of Green Stuff Woven*
  22. Mama’s Last Hug*
  23. Nothing More Dangerous*
  24. Electric Universe*
  25. All Things Cease to Appear*
  26. Sea Wife*
  27. On Ocean Boulevard*
  28. The Water is Wide*
  29. Holding Up the Universe*
  30. The Illusion of Leaving*
  31. All the Lives We Never Lived*
  32. The Best Bad Things*
  33. No Hiding in Boise*
  34. All travel books prior to 2021*

Children’s Selections (hardcover unless noted*)

  1. The Youngest Marcher
  2. Champ and Major: First Dogs
  3. Choose Your Own Journey
  4. Amos McGee Misses the Bus
  5. A Sick Day for Amos McGee
  6. Marceille in Paris