Our Patio and $5 Tables

We are so excited to open our beautiful and serene patio to the public! Come find a great book and then come sit and relax by the fountain. We have music playing to accompany the babble of the fountain, and we now feature ice-cold lemonade on Saturdays. We always have our $5 tables on the patio too–both with adult and children selections. A full list of titles can be found below:


Adult Selections (hardcover unless noted *)

  1. Calling Ukraine
  2. A Living Remedy
  3. The Other Family Doctor
  4. Murmuration*
  5. A Bright Ray of Darkness*
  6. Woman of Light*
  7. The Girl with the Louding Voice*
  8. Our Country Friends*
  9. The Truants*
  10. Buck’s Pantry*
  11. The Children’s Bible*
  12. Hell of a Book*
  13. The Mozart Code*
  14. The Abbot’s Tale*