Our Patio and $5 Tables

We are so excited to open our beautiful and serene patio to the public! Come find a great book and then come sit and relax by the fountain. We have music playing to accompany the babble of the fountain, and we now feature ice-cold lemonade on Saturdays. We always have our $5 tables on the patio too–both with adult and children selections. A full list of titles can be found below:


Adult Selections (hardcover unless noted *)

  1. A World on the Wing
  2. This is Your time
  3. Unsettled Ground
  4. Falling
  5. Summer Water
  6. The Hardest Job in the World
  7. My Year Abroad
  8. Becoming: Michelle Obama
  9. The Souvenir Museum 
  10. Infinite Country
  11. The How and the Why
  12. Raft of Stars
  13. The Smallest Lights in the Universe
  14. A Saint from Texas
  15. On Ocean Boulevard
  16. Women of the World
  17. Garden Wild
  18. The Grand Canyon
  19. The Polaroid Diaries
  20. All Adults Here
  21. Beheld
  22. You Look So Much Better in Person
  23. The Brief and True Report of Temperance Flowerdew
  24. Finding Freedom
  25. Next to Last Stand
  26. Impersonation
  27. The Children’s Blizzard
  28. The Soulmate Equation 
  29. A Tiding of Magpies*
  30. Oil and Marble*
  31. A Storm of Swords*
  32. Message in the Sand*
  33. Little*
  34. Strolling through Rome*

Children’s Selections (all board books except where noted)

  1. Care Love and Learn
  2. Family Love and Learn
  3. Count the Birds
  4. Flowers Grow All in a Row
  5. Lines and Triangles and Squares Oh My!
  6. Numbers in the Garden
  7. Animal Alphabet
  8. Zoolympics
  9. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
  10. Who was Ruther Bader Ginsburg?
  11. Nancy Clancy: My Secret Diary (hardcover)
  12. I am Benjamin Franklin (hardcover)
  13. I am Anne Frank (hardcover)
  14. I am Jane Goodall (hardcover)
  15. The Library of Lost Things (hardcover)
  16. Curious George 3 Minute Stories (hardcover)
  17. Peanuts 5 Minute Stories (hardcover)
  18. The Sun is Also a Star (paperback)
  19. Fancy Nancy: Fancy Heirloom (paperback)
  20. Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late, LATE Night (paperback)
  21. Fancy Nancy: Oce Skater Extraordinaire (paperback)
  22. Fancy Nancy and the Sensational Babysitter (paperback)
  23. Nancy Clancy Sees the Future (paperback)
  24. Nancy Clancy Seeks a Fortune (paperback)
  25. Nancy Clancy and the Secret of the Silver Key (paperback)