May at Old Town Books

May is always an exciting time at Old Town Books! We started off with a beautiful Mother’s Day display, and now we are moving on to high school and college graduations, Teacher’s Appreciation Week, Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Memorial Day! To celebrate, we have curated collections of books and gifts that are perfect for these holidays! See a complete list below!

Memorial Day Adult Reads

  1. Tattooed On My Soul
  2. The Women
  3. DK WWI
  4. The Mosquito Bowl
  5. Band of Brothers
  6. The Greatest Generation
  7. An Army at Dawn
  8. The Day of Battle
  9. The Guns at Last Light
  10. 1917: War, Peace, & Revolution
  11. Texas and Texans in WWII
  12. MacArthur’s Air Force
  13. The First Wave
  14. Charlie Company Journeys Home
  15. Masters of the Air
  16. My Lai
  17. Enduring Vietnam
  18. The Bomber Mafia
  19. If I Die in a Combat Zone
  20. The Things They Carried
  21. Going After Cacciato
  22. Northern Lights
  23. Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy
  24. Hiroshima
  25. Liberation
  26. The Lights of Days
  27. Atonement
  28. Dragonfly
  29. The Flight Girls
  30. The Paris Daughter
  31. Band of Sisters
  32. The Girl from the Channel Islands
  33. All the Light We Cannot See
  34. The Long March Home
  35. The Girls in the Attic
  36. The War Librarian
  37. Beneath a Scarlet Sky
  38. The Nightingale
  39. A Very Short Introduction: The First World War
  40. A Very Short Introduction: World War II
  41. A Very Short Introduction: Fascism

Memorial Day Children Reads

  1. Everything World War I
  2. What was the Vietnam War?
  3. What was the Holocaust?
  4. What was the Pearl Harbor? 
  5. What was the D-Day? 

Graduation Reads and Gifts

  1. Oh, the Places You’ll Go
  2. Woo Hoo! You’re Doing Great!
  3. Kindness & Wonders
  4. Life’s Journey According to Mister Rogers
  5. The World According to Mister Rogers
  6. A Collection of Poetry by Robert Frost
  7. What If? 2
  8. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse
  9. Talking to Strangers
  10. The Bell Jar
  11. The Anthropocene Reviewed
  12. The Four Agreements
  13. The Complete National Parks of the US
  14. Assorted book pouches, notebooks, coffee mugs, and pens

Teacher Appreciation Reads and Gifts

  1. How to…
  2. World of Wonders
  3. Everything All at Once
  4. Call Us What We Carry
  5. The Hill We Climb
  6. The Soul of an Octopus
  7. The Hummingbirds’ Gift
  8. Kindness and Wonder
  9. Coach
  10. These Precious Days
  11. The Lost Words
  12. Decorative puzzles, totes, journals, mugs, socks, book stands, and eyeglass holders

AAIP Reads

  1. I Lived Inside a Whale
  2. Superman Smashes the Klan
  3. American Born Chinese
  4. They Called Us Enemy
  5. When You Trap a Tiger
  6. Iron Widow
  7. Butterfly Yellow
  8. Keep Sharp
  9. The Art of Happiness
  10. Babel
  11. The Reading List
  12. Time is a Mother
  13. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous
  14. Our Missing Hearts
  15. Everything I Never Told You
  16. Little Fires Everywhere
  17. Klara and the Sun
  18. What Are You Looking for in this Library
  19. The House of Doors
  20. The Turtle House
  21. The Ministry of Time 
  22. Butter