Flash Sale Hardcover Fiction

It’s time for another flash sale on hardcover fiction! From May 3rd through May 15th, all selections from our two front hardcover fiction shelves will be 25% off! There are some great and relatively new reads here–all would make a terrific Mother’s Day gift! You can apply this rate online by using coupon code “flash” at checkout! 



  1. The Midnight Library
  2. The Four Winds
  3. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
  4. The Vanishing Half
  5. Hamnet
  6. The Daughters of Erietown
  7. A Tip for the Hangman
  8. How Beautiful We Were
  9. A Saint from Texas
  10. On Ocean Boulevard
  11. My Year Abroad
  12. The Boy in the Field
  13. The Office of Historical Corrections
  14. Fifty Words for Rain
  15. Impersonation
  16. The Book of Two Ways
  17. Perestroika in Paris
  18. Things You Would Know If You Grew Up Around Here
  19. The Henna Artist
  20. A Brief and True Report of Temperance Flowerdew
  21. Under a White Sky
  22. This Little Light
  23. The Butterfly Lampshade
  24. Infinite Country
  25. The Evening and the Morning
  26. A Burning
  27. Memorial
  28. American Dirt
  29. Leave the World Behind
  30. Afterland
  31. All Things Left Wild
  32. The Searcher
  33. Rodham
  34. Eleanor & Park
  35. The Doctor of Aleppo
  36. Once and Future Witches
  37. We Begin at the End
  38. Three O’ Clock in the Morning
  39. The Children’s Blizzard
  40. The Liar’s Dictionary
  41. The Removed
  42. Yellow Wife
  43. The Book of Lost Names
  44. A Bright Ray of Darkness
  45. The Second Home
  46. The Bright Lands
  47. The Book of Lost Friends
  48. Dark Tides
  49. A Thousand Ships
  50. Anxious People
  51. The Jane Austen Society
  52. The Sanatorium
  53. The Return
  54. Just Like You
  55. Mexican Gothic
  56. House on Endless Waters
  57. Send for Me
  58. A Girl is a Body of Water
  59. Transcendent Kingdom
  60. Migrations
  61. The Big Door Prize
  62. The Exiles
  63. The New Wilderness
  64. The Center of Everything
  65. The Lost and Found Bookshop
  66. The Pull of the Stars
  67. The Prophets
  68. Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars
  69. Lone Stars
  70. The Paris Library
  71. Zorrie