Father’s Day at Old Town Books!

Father’s Day is June 20th, and we have all your Father’s Day needs covered at Old Town Books! From books on history and war to gardening and nature, we have some great ideas for you this Father’s Day. Come visit us for great selections, deals, and savings. A full list of selections on our Father’s Day can be found below, and all can be purchased in our online store. 


Father’s Day Selections:

  1. Greenlights (signed edition) *These are first come, first serve, and we cannot guarantee we will be receiving more
  2. All Things Left Wild
  3. Dad’s Maybe Book
  4. The Things They Carried
  5. In the Lake of the woods
  6. Tomcat in Love
  7. If I Die in a Combat Zone
  8. Northern Lights
  9. Going After Cacciato
  10. Lone Stars
  11. In the Hurricane’s Eye
  12. Agent Jack
  13. A Shadow Intelligence
  14. How to
  15. The Evening and the Morning
  16. Sooley
  17. The Splendid and the Vile
  18. Keep Sharp
  19. The First World War
  20. Cult of Glory
  21. On the House
  22. A Bright Ray of Darkness
  23. Flags of our Fathers
  24. Official Guide to Texas State Parks and Historic Sites
  25. DK Smithsonian’s World War II
  26. A Wealth of Pigeons
  27. Doug Welsh’s Texas Garden Almanac
  28. Finding the Mother Tree
  29. The Cowboy Way
  30. Arnold Palmer’s A Life Well Played
  31. Life On Our Planet
  32. Tattooed On My Soul
  33. Every Man a Hero
  34. Countdown 1945
  35. Enduring Vietnam
  36. Rising in Flames
  37. My Lai
  38. An Army at Dawn
  39. The Day of Battle
  40. The Guns at Last Night
  41. 1917
  42. Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy
  43. Watchmen
  44. We Love You Dad, The Berenstain Bears
  45. Papa’s Day Surprise, The Berenstain Bears
  46. Just Me and My Dad, Little Critter
  47. I Love You, Daddy, Little Golden Book