Earth Day at Old Town Books!

Earth Day is April 22nd this year, and we have all your Earth Day book needs covered all month long! Come check out our wonderfully curated Earth Day display! With books for adults and children, and ranging from topical conversations to books on flowers, and the beauty of the natural world, there’s bound to be the perfect selection to gift this Earth Day! Find a full list of selections below:

Adult Selections:

  1. Coral Reef: A Very Short Introduction
  2. Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction
  3. Animal Behavior: A Very Short Introduction
  4. Mountains: A Very Short Introduction
  5. Environmental Economics: A Very Short Introduction
  6. Agriculture: A Very Short Introduction
  7. Weather: A Very Short Introduction
  8. Nature’s Best Hope
  9. A Life On Our Planet
  10. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster
  11. The Disappearance of Butterflies
  12. The Big Book of Blooms
  13. Brave Green World
  14. Life
  15. The Little Gardener
  16. Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman
  17. Of Green Stuff Woven
  18. Our House is On Fire
  19. The Future Earth

Children’s Selections:

  1. Dear Earth: From Your Friends in Room 5
  2. Reuse this Book
  3. Bug Hotel
  4. The Pout-Pout Fish
  5. I Am Jane Goodall
  6. BirdWingFeather
  7. Henry David Thoreau: Little Naturalist
  8. Johnny Appleseed: Little Naturalist
  9. Ansel Adams: Little Naturalist
  10. Pop-Up Earth
  11. Trees Make Perfect Pets
  12. Sounds of the Wild
  13. 100 Things to Know About Planet Earth
  14. Leif and the Fall
  15. Ocean
  16. I Love You Oceanly
  17. You Are a Beautiful Beginning
  18. If You Come to Earth