40% Off Table

A focal point in our store is our 40% Off Table. We love adding new items to it and rotating our inventory so you can find a great book at a great price! You can now take advantage of our 40% Off Table in our online store. At checkout, use coupon code “40” to apply deal to your cart. A list of titles can be found below


  1. Voices in the Air
  2. Sent by the Iron Sky
  3. Invisible
  4. The Transformation
  5. A Book of Bones
  6. The Irishman
  7. Reagan: An American Journey
  8. The Trail of the Adirondacks
  9. The Ground on Which I Stand
  10. A God in Ruins
  11. Call Sign Chaos
  12. The Messenger
  13. Just Mercy (Young Readers Hardcover)
  14. The Big Fella
  15. The Book of Gutsy Women
  16. India After Gandhi
  17. Ansel Adams in Yosemite Valley
  18. Notable Boats
  19. Frogcatchers
  20. Nothing to See Here
  21. Return to the Reich
  22. All the Powers of Earth
  23. Edison
  24. Dad’s Maybe Book (Hardcover)
  25. Agent Running in the Field
  26. The Testaments (Hardcover)
  27. Cemetery Road
  28. The World that We Knew
  29. Rusty Brown
  30. UnDo It!
  31. Blue Moon (Hardcover)
  32. The Value Compass
  33. Animalkind
  34. The Whispers of War
  35. The Chestnut Man
  36. My Life as a Rat (Hardcover)
  37. Lady Clementine
  38. Disney’s Land
  39. The Night Watchman
  40. My Dark Vanessa
  41. Blindside
  42. The Red Lotus
  43. Olive, Again
  44. The Last Odyssey
  45. The End of October
  46. The Animals at Lockwood Manor
  47. Underland (Hardcover)
  48. Hunger
  49. Friends and Strangers
  50. Deacon King Kong
  51. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Hardcover)