40% Off Table

A focal point in our store is our 40% Off Table. We love adding new items to it and rotating our inventory so you can find a great book at a great price! You can now take advantage of our 40% Off Table in our online store. At checkout, use coupon code “40” to apply deal to your cart. A list of titles can be found below. All are hardcover, except where noted.

Adult Hardcover

  1. Hang the Moon
  2. Someone Else’s Shoes
  3. In the Lives of Puppets
  4. Happy Place
  5. Only the Beautiful
  6. Old Babes in the Woods
  7. The White Lady
  8. Romantic Comedy
  9. Chain Gang All Starts
  10. The Devil You Know
  11. The Invisible Kingdom
  12. The Five-Star Weekend
  13. The House of Lincoln
  14. Don’t Cry for Me
  15. Our Unfinished March
  16. Queen Charlotte
  17. Call Us What We Carry
  18. How We Live is How We Die
  19. What We Owe the Future
  20. Take My Hand
  21. Our Missing Hearts
  22. The Good Life
  23. The Golden Spoon
  24. Birnam Wood
  25. The Soulmate
  26. The True Love Experiment
  27. I Have Some Questions for You
  28. The Deluge
  29. The Evening Hero
  30. Becoming
  31. Fellowship Point
  32. River, Sing Out
  33. The Sentence
  34. The Zen of Therapy
  35. Guardians of the Trees
  36. Lessons
  37. Clytemnestra
  38. Stone Blind
  39. A Day of Fallen Night
  40. The Winners
  41. The House of Eve
  42. Camp Zero
  43. Dawnlands 
  44. The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise
  45. The Society of Shame
  46. The Villa
  47. The Summer of Songbirds
  48. Zero Days

Adult Paperback

  1. Algorithms
  2. You Never Forget Your First
  3. Our House is On Fire
  4. The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye
  5. Rocket Boys 

Children Hardcover

  1. Little Humans
  2. Bathe the Cat
  3. Lizzy and the Cloud