About Old Town Books

Old Town Books (OTB) came about, as most independent bookstores do, as a labor of love– love of BOOKS, love of bookstores, and love for the “book community,” those people who love EVERYTHING that books give to us, knowledge, understanding, insight, inspiration, compassion, empathy, laughter, entertainment, and the list goes on and on. This labor of love also includes a love for the broader community, since we believe that no town should be without the joys that a bookstore brings to people of all ages!

On June 3, 2019, owner Mary Ellen Hartje signed a lease for one of the most beautiful old buildings in San Angelo, located at 506 S. Chadbourne.  The building was restored in 1998 by local contractor/artisan, David Mazur and is located in downtown San Angelo, one block from the beautiful Concho River.

In addition to offering books for all ages in a wide range of interest areas, Old Town Books strives to be a community center, a gathering place, where people can share their common ideas, concerns, interests, passions, and dreams.  To that end, OTB offers a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for book browsing, reading, conversation, book club meetings, book signings, author readings, children’s story times, and gatherings that we haven’t even dreamed up yet!

Come see us at Old Town Books—have a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and let us know what you like to read.  If you are looking for a particular book that we do not have, we will be happy to order it for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

no town should be without the joys that a bookstore brings to people

Old Town Books

Mary Ellen Hartje; Photo Credit: Angelo State University

Mary Ellen Hartje

A San Angelo native, Angelo State professor and book lover, Mary Ellen founded Old Town Books on Chadbourne; San Angelo’s Independent Bookstore. 

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